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South Shields Town

Like many coastal towns in England South Shields is famed for its ship building and coal mining heritage; now in its decline the town has little industry, but has some beautiful coastline and beaches. As an artist I see the beauty and the hidden in everyday normal environments. I am lucky that I have Marsden Rock on my doorstep ten minutes on foot. This is where I get most of my inspiration from when deciding on a new painting. The coast is where I feel at home. Many of my paintings have coastal birds in them and this is where they live Marsden Beach. The Groyne or the Herd Groyne or South Shields Groyne as we local folk like to call it also features a lot in my art paintings The Herd Groyne lighthouse, built in 1882, is stepped in marine life history. Many people do not know that South Shields also has many hidden nature reserves such as Marsden Quarry My recent painting of two collar neck doves is where they are set in Marsden Old Quarry South Shields has The National Trust Souter Lighthouse which is ten minutes on foot from my home, also where I get my inspiration from as an artist. I am very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful Coastline and nature.